Making Crypto Products Easier So Anyone Can Use Them

FIO Addresses

One Identity for all your Crypto

FIO Crypto Handles

FIO Crypto Handles are a single identifier that eliminates the need to see, or even know about, blockchain public addresses. It’s simple to register, easy to use, and works with every token/coin automatically.

Don't just Send, Request

FIO Requests

Stop asking people what you owe them – let them tell you. Enjoy in-app requests for funds, done in an encrypted and private manner – specify the type and amount and eliminate confusion for the sender

Included with a FIO Crypto Handle

FIO Requests
FIO Data

Transactions with Context

FIO Data

Attach standardized metadata to any crypto transaction, ranging from a simple note to structured data like an order card or invoice. Remember the “why” behind every transaction

Included with a FIO Crypto Handle

Integrate the FIO Protocol

Make your users' lives easier by improving usability

Reduce Customer Service Issues

Eliminate mistakes in sending and receiving crypto and focus on your core product

Create New Experiences

Don't be limited to hard-to-use user flows - automate the pain away

Support Blockchain Usability

The FIO Protocol is designed to serve the entire blockchain ecosystem, join the cause!


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