FIO NFT Signatures

Protect Your NFTs.

FIO NFT Signatures are the first decentralized solution to help creators and collectors on every blockchain protect themselves from NFT forgeries in a cryptographic and self-sovereign way.

001 Prove Provenance

Sign NFTs on any blockchain with FIO Crypto Handles: unique digital identities that are easy to share with fans. They’re NFTs themselves, fully decentralized and secured by private keys.

002 Secure Permanence

FIO NFT Signatures secure off-chain data by writing critical NFT info to the FIO blockchain: NFT chain type, address, token ID and URI, a hash of off-chain image, and the creator’s site URL.

003 Validate Creator

Verify signature directly in NFT platforms, or use the FIO NFT Validator to authenticate with a simple search for FIO Crypto Handle, contract address, image hash, or the NFT image itself.

TRY Watch the Demo

Check out our demo video to see just how easy it is to authenticate, validate, and stop NFT forgery before it happens with FIO’s self-sovereign solution: NFT Signatures.

TRY Start Signing

FIO NFT Signatures are live on the FIO Dashboard,, and are coming to all favorite NFT platforms soon. Start signing now with the first solution built to stop NFT forgery in a decentralized way.

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